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Special Thanks



Special thanks to my daughter Amiah for the drive and motivation to get up and reach my goals and motives. Special thanks to GOD for being my Shepherd and keeping me safe in the streets. Special thanks to for providing me most of the beats on this first mixtape! 


Chase Money Not Pussy


I take care of my kid, I invest in my music, I gotta take care of myself.. What I look like chasing some BIRD?? "Scared money dont make none I dont wana scare it" (Crooked Cops) I got a new track coming called "C-LOW(CRAPS)"  

Music Production

Protools 10


I'm currently taking Music Theory 1 Which I believe finally introduces us to Protools 10!! That means I'll be mixing and mastering before you know which is going to make me a super producer in many ways! SongWriting/Producing/Performance #Triple Threat.... 3'z


​Copyright 2012,  Bombz

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